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Who We Are …


We are Canadian Seniors Compelled to Urgent Action


Young people are calling on governments to act decisively on the climate emergency. As seniors we will support their lead, amplify their voices and add our own to the growing movement for climate action. We are building a seniors’ climate action group. One that is democratic, accountable, equitable and participatory. A community in which we value each other’s knowledge, experience and views.

Our seniors’ climate action group will inform and mobilize seniors in an effort to prevent more climate catastrophes. We recognize that climate action is also a demand for social justice and economic transformation–the opportunity, as well as the need, to address racism and economic inequities. We know that Canada was founded on the occupation/ invasion/ colonization of Indigenous lands. We are in this for the sake of future generations and the survival of life on the planet.

Time is running out.

Clean Electricity Regulations/The SCAN! Brief

Support SCAN!’s brief on Clean Electricity Regulations by reading the brief and sending a letter to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and party leaders.

To Read the Brief:

To View the Template:

The language used to talk about the climate crisis can be difficult to understand.  What’s a carbon sink? What does GHG stand for?  Understanding the key words and phrases helps us understand the issues.   SCAN! is creating a glossary to provide people with straightforward definitions and explanations of key concepts and terms.

We welcome suggestions of words, phrases, and concepts to include in the glossary. Please send an email with the terms you would like to see included to

Did you recently become a SCAN! member? Do you want your MP and MPP to know you are a senior climate activist?

Log in to the Members Only section in the menu. Click on New Members/Contact Your MP and, with a few more clicks, send the email. Then repeat the process with New Members/Contact Your MPP.

Let them know you are watching–but will not wait.

Interested in what’s on SCAN!’s radar?

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Why the Toronto Air Show Should Be Cancelled

Let’s work together on two important initiatives regarding Toronto City Council.

Find out more HERE

Consultation on Clean Electricity Regulations

SCAN!’s Education Committee has submitted its brief to the federal government.

Find out more HERE

Climate Migrants/An Information Session

This session features a range of speakers on this growing crisis.

Find out more HERE

SCAN! calls for emergency action at all levels of government – We are in an emergency – Governments have to act like it

This is the most dangerous time in human history

Click HERE to read why Barbara Linds joined SCAN!

Want to tell the CPP Investment Board  to stop funding fossil fuel production?

We’re back–with 3,000 more postcards!

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A reader writes that  Bob Wood’s post on the Greenbelt is “[a] much-needed, informative and clear description of Ford’s undermining of the people’s wishes and the future welfare of the province.”

Click the button below to read Gail Greer on recent federal climate and environmental policy and Mark Leith on the propaganda value of the Canadian International Air Show –and check back again soon for another compelling post.

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Courts at provincial and federal levels decide crucial environmental cases. Stay up to date on issues that concern us all with incisive commentaries by SCAN! members.


SCAN! recognizes the central role of Indigenous Peoples in the implementation of our core purpose–addressing the climate emergency.

Click the button below for details, news, and links on the important relationship of Indigenous values and actions to SCAN!’s commitment.

The Indigenous Solidarity Committee has announced the recipients of the Indigenous Solidarity Fund for 2023. Members can view the ISC’s presentation by logging into the Members’ Portal and clicking on “Members Only Resources.”


Have you volunteered to become a speaker for SCAN? Not sure how to start?

Not to worry! Our priority is to organize and mobilize! SCAN! is now doing Climate Conversations with groups and organizations. Find everything you need right here to successfully speak to these groups.

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The 33 Ford government climate crimes that SCAN! identified before the 2022 provincial election remain during Ford’s second term. We have updated them and added number 34 (on Bill 23). And we will monitor the criminal activity under our new “Ford Watch” program.

SCAN! newsletters are now available on the website. We’ve been busy!