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We are Canadian Seniors Compelled to Urgent Action

Young people are calling on governments to act decisively on the climate emergency. As seniors we will support their lead, amplify their voices and add our own to the growing movement for climate action. We are building a seniors’ climate action group. One that is democratic, accountable, equitable and participatory. A community in which we value each other’s knowledge, experience and views.

Our seniors’ climate action group will inform and mobilize seniors in an effort to prevent more climate catastrophes. We recognize that climate action is also a demand for social justice and economic transformation–the opportunity, as well as the need, to address racism and economic inequities. We know that Canada was founded on the occupation/ invasion/ colonization of Indigenous lands. We are in this for the sake of future generations and the survival of life on the planet.

Time is running out.

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Extreme Heat is Deadly

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SCAN! Campaign – No Canadian Badges for Fossil Fuels at COP29 

Increasingly, fossil fuel lobbyists have full access to COP29 deliberations because they request and receive badges.  Send our postcard to Steven Guilbeault, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, to say, “No badges for fossil fuels.”

Seniors For Climate


October 1 is Seniors’ Day, and Seniors for Climate has big plans that go beyond helping a senior cross the street. Seniors’ groups across Canada are organizing events that will make governments sit up and take notice. 

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Canada is Burning!

Wildfire season began early this year.  We can anticipate more dislocation, more human injuries, and further destruction of animal habitats as well as respiratory damage from drifting smoke.  You can make your deep concern  felt by  sending a message to your MP and MPP.

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How to Stand Out in a Crowd …

Whether you’re taking part in a rally, shopping for dinner, or playing pickleball, when you wear the SCAN! T-shirt, you show your commitment to a seniors’ movement dedicated to saving the only planet we can call home.

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University of Toronto Students Research SCAN!

A SCAN! member helped some UofT sociology students research our organization for their course. The result is an inspiring seven-minute video that can be used to promote SCAN!’s work.

Photo by Emad El Byed on Unsplash

War, Climate and Militarism


SCAN! passed two motions at the February General Membership meeting: one on war, climate and militarism; and the other calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Read our letter to the Prime Minister about our ceasefire motion HERE


SCAN! Takes On the Federal and Provincial Governments

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With regard to The Right to a Healthy Environment (RTHE), SCAN! responded to the federal government’s online consultation process.

SCAN! submitted a complaint on offences that Enbridge Gas Inc. is committing under Part VII of the Competition Act.

SCAN!’s three primary concerns about Bill 165/Keeping Energy Costs Down Act, submitted to the Standing Committee on the Interior (Ontario).

SCAN! made a joint submission on Bill 165/Keeping Energy Costs Down Act with the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario, Canadian Environmental Law Association, and the Low-Income Energy Network.

The SCAN! Climate Crisis Glossary

Unless the terms and phrases of climate change are simply defined, they may not be easily understood.  The SCAN! Glossary covers a range of commonly used terms and is intended as a quick reference.  SCAN!has also prepared a clear explanation of the carbon tax and of the connection between the climate crisis and buildings. Feel free to download and print these useful documents.

Ford’s heavy hand on Ontario Place – a repeat of the Greenbelt.  Click the button below to read the position paper and go to SCAN! Toronto’s page for actions you can take.


A reader writes that  Bob Wood’s post on the Greenbelt is “[a] much-needed, informative and clear description of Ford’s undermining of the people’s wishes and the future welfare of the province.”

Click the button below to read Moya Beall on Enbridge’s proposed provincial gas pipeline expansion plans and Robert Hicks on support for the OEB–and check back again soon for another compelling post.

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Find out what happened when seniors in Switzerland took their government to court over its failure to respond to the climate crisis.

Read Alan Levy’s post on  the attack on environmental assessment.

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 SCAN! calls for emergency action at all levels of government – We are in an emergency – Governments have to act like it

This is the most dangerous time in human history

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Click HERE to see the video a young filmmaker created when Marie-Lynn Hammond inspired him to tell her story – and ours – about why we do what we do.


   Courts in Canada and abroad are deciding very important cases related to the climate crisis. To read timely summaries and analyses of some of these decisions, just click the button below.


SCAN! recognizes the central role of Indigenous Peoples in the implementation of our core purpose–addressing the climate emergency.

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The Indigenous Solidarity Committee has announced the recipients of the Indigenous Solidarity Fund for 2023. Members can view the ISC’s presentation by logging into the Members’ Portal and clicking on “Members Only Resources.”


Have you volunteered to become a speaker for SCAN? Not sure how to start?

Not to worry! Our priority is to organize and mobilize! SCAN! is now doing Climate Conversations with groups and organizations. Find everything you need right here to successfully speak to these groups.

Illustration by Philip Street


The 33 Ford government climate crimes that SCAN! identified before the 2022 provincial election remain during Ford’s second term. We have updated them and added number 34 (on Bill 23). And we will monitor the criminal activity under our new “Ford Watch” program.

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Let them know you are watching–but will not wait.

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