Culture & Innovative Tactics Committee

Our Mandate


The Culture & Innovative Tactics (CIT) Committee is responsible for ensuring that the arts are embedded into SCAN!’s current projects and campaigns.  The CIT Committee is responsible to explore and suggest to the members appropriate, innovative tactics to use in our public work.

Our Work Plan


  • The CIT Cttee will do ongoing research on innovative campaigns and tactics being used by other activist groups.
  • The CIT Cttee welcomes ideas from the entire membership and will solicit ideas including personal cultural contributions.
  • The CIT Cttee will need to increase its members in order to be more effective by a) inviting new members from membership b) actively approach community people involved in culture who agree with SCAN!’s one page purpose and CIT Cttee’s mandate.
  • The CIT Cttee will plan to use mainly virtual technology for next six months but will be aware that different areas in the province will have different safety guidelines re: group activities.
  • The CIT Cttee will keep in close communication with SCAN! campaigns and projects ex. Launch, Pension Divestment and Ontario Projects so culture is embedded into campaigns.
  • The CIT Cttee will consult with Communications and Media Cttee regarding using technology for cultural work.