Ontario Adaptation Campaign

SCAN!’s Ontario Project Group has launched an Adaptation Campaign to push for action on climate adaptation from the Ford government. There’s no doubt Ontario is experiencing climate breakdown. Wildfires, violent storms, heat waves, drought, tornadoes, and floods are causing incalculable costs in human lives and social and economic impacts across the province. Some provinces are taking action to protect residents from climate impacts, but Ontario is sending us backwards and wasting precious time. Ford’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Graydon Smith, pretty much summed up the Ford government’s hands-off approach when he said, “People need to take a level of personal responsibility.”

Yet there has never been a clearer time for the Ontario government to act on the climate crisis!

Release the Reports!

The Ford government must release several climate change reports they have been sitting on — reports that analyze the impacts climate change is likely to have on Ontario and some strategies for reducing those impacts. To this end, we’ve prepared an Open Letter to the Ford Government, which you can find out more about HERE.

SCAN! tells the CBC about campaigning for the release of the climate change impact reports, and SCAN!’s Jennifer Penney talks with CBC’s Alan Neal. (See our MEDIA RELEASE.)

Letter to the Auditor General of Ontario

Read our LETTER asking the Auditor General of Ontario for assistance in getting the Ford government to release the important climate adaptation reports.