Ontario Adaptation Campaign

SCAN!’s Ontario Project Group has launched an Adaptation Campaign to push for action on climate adaptation from the Ford government. There’s no doubt Ontario is experiencing climate breakdown. Wildfires, violent storms, heat waves, drought, tornadoes, and floods are causing incalculable costs in human lives and social and economic impacts across the province. Some provinces are taking action to protect residents from climate impacts, but Ontario is sending us backwards and wasting precious time. Ford’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Graydon Smith, pretty much summed up the Ford government’s hands-off approach when he said, “People need to take a level of personal responsibility.”

Yet there has never been a clearer time for the Ontario government to act on the climate crisis!

Five Reports to the Ford Government on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Finally Released

The Ford government has kept secret a series of reports it commissioned on climate change impacts and the government action needed to protect us. SCAN! members worked tirelessly to get these reports released. Our months-long Freedom of Information campaign finally achieved the release of these documents, though the Ford government has not seen fit to post them on its own website. We are providing them here as a public service.

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Ontario Provincial Climate Change Impact Assessment – Summary Report, January 2023

This report summarizes the much longer Technical Report of the Provincial Climate Change Impact Assessment, which is the only report the Ontario government has posted on its website. For this summary report, click on the button below.
The longer and more detailed Ontario Provincial Climate Change Impact Assessment was posted on the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks website in August 2023. 

Recommendations to improve the climate resilience of homes, communities and public infrastructure in Ontario by the Advisory Panel on Climate Change, November 2021

This report provides many recommendations to reduce the risk to lives and property from climate-related hazards. It emphasizes the need to maintain and restore natural wetlands, grasslands and forests to “act as buffers and contribute to resilience to flooding and other climate hazards.”

Ontario Provincial Climate Change Impact Assessment – Adaptation Best Practices Report, January 2023

The report provides information on many, options for government policies and programs that would protect Ontario’s agriculture, economy, infrastructure, natural systems – and people and communities – from the impacts of climate change. Almost none of these options has been implemented by the Ford government.

Ontario Provincial Climate Change Impact Assessment –

Adaptation Best Practices Summary Report, January 2023

A 40-page summary of the much longer and more detailed Adaptation Best Practices Report.

Ontario’s Province-Wide Climate Change Impact Assessment Decision-Making Supports, January 2023

This document is aimed at guiding practitioners in various sectors on how to use climate change risk assessment in adaptation planning and implementation in their own areas of responsibility.

SCAN! tells the CBC about campaigning for the release of the climate change impact reports, and SCAN!’s Jennifer Penney talks with CBC’s Alan Neal. (See our MEDIA RELEASE.)

Letter to the Auditor General of Ontario

Read our LETTER asking the Auditor General of Ontario for assistance in getting the Ford government to release the important climate adaptation reports.