Who We Are …

We are a group of environmentally conscious seniors who want a better world for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.  We want our municipal, provincial, and federal governments to live up to the climate commitments they have made and should make. 

We are lobbying our municipal councillors to live up to their commitments to adapt our city to climate change and do the right things to move us towards a net zero environment.

We stand for the transition away from fossil fuels in line with COP 28 obligations, better governance, social equality, and fairness.  We want to see a ban on single use plastics, preservation of nature, and a scaling down and away from fossil fuels for home heating.


What We’ve Done …

We met with Andrea Khanjin, Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks and local MPP.  We implored her to reverse the greenwashing and poor energy policies that her government is pursuing and to set course towards net zero objectives. We’ve also participated in and organized several local protests.

Earth Day 2024

On Earth Day 2024, we attended Barrie’s Farmers Market and welcomed many climate-conscious individuals and families who were interested in finding out how they can help fight the climate crisis.  Many of them wanted to keep informed about our future climate- based activities by joining our mailing list.

We protested in downtown Barrie on September 15, 2023, in support of the Global Climate Rally that was held ahead of COP 28.

We protested in front of RBC on Fossil Fools Day April 6, 2024, against their investment in fossil fuel producers in Canada and worldwide.

We’ve made our presence known–and we’ve made the news!

If you live in or near Barrie and are interested in SCAN!’s organizing against climate breakdown, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: