On December 7, a number of SCAN! Ottawa members attended a demonstration against Bill 23 in front of the provincial courthouse on Elgin St. It was organized by an impressive coalition of community and environmental groups such as Horizon Ottawa, Acorn, and Ecology Ottawa.

The speeches were very informative and inspired us to continue working to oppose this very destructive piece of legislation.

SCAN Ottawa members were honoured to hold up our banner as a backdrop for a very eloquent 12-year-old girl at the “End Fossil Fuel Finance” rally in front of Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s office on March 3, 2023. There was an enthusiastic turnout, and a letter was delivered although police escorted the demonstrators out in record time.

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Who We Are

The SCAN! Ottawa group began to take shape in August and September of 2022, and there are currently twenty-two members. In the fall, SCAN! Ottawa was involved in the following ground actions:

  • The September 23 Global Climate Strike. SCAN! Ottawa members helped promote the climate strike organized by Fridays for Future Ottawa and were there to march in solidarity. It was a great opportunity to network with other seniors and recruit new members.
  • The delivery of an invoice for Climate Impacts to the Ottawa office of CAPP.  Rolly, David and Jim were part of the Ministry of Transition, which delivered the invoice.
  • The delivery of a petition with 35,000+ signatures to the Prime Minister’s office in December.
  • The Extension Cord project/Don’t Unplug demonstration organized by Fridays for Future Ottawa and the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. SCAN! member Rolly Montpellier was  one of the event organizers.

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“The damage caused by the fossil fuel industry and the impacts of climate change are accelerating, and that’s why we need transformative solutions and to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. It’s why we must make Big Oil pay.”

Rolly Montpellier