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SCAN! Toronto formed in October 2023.  A group of Toronto members had already worked together on the 2023 municipal election, handing out flyers at candidates’ debates, farmers’ markets and public events.  We called on voters to ask candidates specific questions about the climate emergency, tying them to housing, health and the economy.

SCAN! members in Toronto have participated in many demonstrations; but now that there is a formal group, we can work more effectively together on broader and local issues.

There is a SCAN! Toronto steering committee and regular meetings of SCAN! Toronto members.

Working groups have already formed around:

  • Toronto budget and revenue and the funding of Transform TO
  • Neighbourhood organizing
  • The Portlands gas plant
  • The Toronto Air Show
  • Ontario Place

SCAN! Toronto is working with other groups already organizing on these issues.


SCAN! Toronto Presents its New Banner

at a Church Ecofair

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Wednesday,  May 15,  at 7:00 pm

Ralph Thornton Community Centre/765 Queen Street East

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Talking with Seniors

SCAN! members, some of whom are also involved with the heathy aging program at Oakwood Vaughan Community Organization (OVCO), went to the program located in the OV Hub to talk with seniors.  More than 30 people attended with good discussion.

Turning Up the Heat on Bill 165

Enbridge wanted to pass on the cost of new hook-ups to customers.  The OEB said no and ordered Enbridge to charge the cost to developers.  Bill 165 reverses the OEB decision.

Protesters showed up the day of the debate, which was also the day of the eclipse.  Their signs and chants ‘reflected’ the date.

To view the joint submission on Bill 165

To view the video

International Women’s Day Rally

March 2, 2024

About 12 SCAN! Toronto members came to the rally and march.  Members set up a space in the hallway of OISE with a set of colourful posters attracting passersby and politicians.  We gave out dozens of promo cards and had stimulating discussions with people attending the rally.  Some hardy SCAN! members marched from OISE to TMU carrying the signs and chanting, “Climate is a women’s issue”.  One member notes as she carried home some signs on transit that they continued to attract attention and conversation.

SCAN! Toronto’s City Budget Proposal

Several members of the SCAN! Toronto budget committee either deputed in person or sent in a deputation regarding this year’s budget proposal.  Click HERE to read the official deputation on behalf of SCAN! Toronto that was sent in to the City Budget Committee.  SCAN! Toronto collaborated with several climate groups; and spent countless hours meeting, writing and getting educated on the budget.

Read SCAN!’s position paper HERE


Ontario Place for All – Act Now!

Ford’s actions at Ontario Place are another example of the approach his government has taken in the Greenbelt and on Highway 413. Ontario Place and the Ontario Science Centre are Ontario issues. Ford and his government need to hear that.
1. See the Ontario Place for All website under the Take Action’ tab.
Actions include letters and phone calls to MPPs and Premier Ford, petitions, etc.
One action on the Ontario Place for All website is: Write to a Newspaper. There is a list of local newspapers across Ontario under that tab.
2. Ford blocked debate and public hearings for a bill to redevelop Ontario Place. Let’s phone bomb Ford and Conservative MPPs. They saw these calls as indicative of broad public opinion during the Greenbelt mobilization.
Call Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, at 416 325 1941 or email him at

Portlands Gas Plant Opposition

SCAN! Toronto members are working in a newly formed coalition of East End residents and local climate justice groups: Toronto East Residents for Renewable Energy (TERRE).  They are opposing the expansion of the Portlands gas plant in the east end of Toronto and to ensure its phase out by 2030.

Click the following links for more information:

Toronto City Council–meet SCAN! Toronto

There are two current initiatives regarding Toronto City Council. As we approach the City for the first time as SCAN! Toronto, we need to make it clear that we are a regional group which is part of a larger organization. For that reason, it is important to ensure that whether we speak at a meeting, to a councillor, or even to the mayor, we introduce the organization first and then our specific issue.

Click HERE to find out why and how we’re working towards the cancellation of the Toronto Air Show.

Power Up Day of Action

Saturday, November 4

Members of SCAN! Toronto attended two events, one in the east end to protest the expansion of the Portlands gas plant and the other at City Hall to call for good, green jobs for all. Young people chanted and performed with tremendous energy.

Click HERE for more photos of the City Hall event.

Great news: we have a Facebook group!


Now it’s really easy to connect with other SCAN! members in Toronto and find out about climate events in the city.


Just look for us here:  SCAN! Toronto


SCAN! Toronto Takes Action!

If you live in or near Toronto and are interested in SCAN!’s organizing against climate breakdown, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: