The stakes are high in the Toronto mayoral race. This is an opportunity for SCAN! members to raise the climate crisis with candidates. Teams of people with signs and leaflets will pop up at events where candidates are campaigning.

Our leaflet, which you can view HERE, encourages passersby to ask the candidates a set of questions on specific issues based on demands formulated by the Toronto mayoral campaign. Those demands are set out below.

  1. Fully fund Toronto’s net zero strategy:
  • Targets for 2040 – net zero emissions
  • Targets for 2030 – 100% of new buildings are designed to near 0 GHG emissions, 75% of trips under 5 k are walked, biked or on transit, corporate emissions down by 65%,
  • Between 2022 and 2025 – accelerate reduction in natural gas use, increase access to walking, biking, increase the number of electric transit vehicles, increase in renewable local energy to contribute to carbon free grid, ensure near zero emissions for all new construction, work with experts to explore limiting use of natural gas and new installations.
  • Increase canopy cover, enhance and expand green spaces
  • Work with Indigenous people to share knowledge
  • A climate advisory group has been launched. Lyn Adamson is on the board
  • Ensure net zero city owned buildings.
  1. Reverse all cuts to TTC service and expand services. Increase electric buses. Make transit free. This makes it possible to move away for cars. Increase low carbon surface level transit.
  2. Address climate issues that affect residents – adaptation strategies to ensure systemic support for vulnerable residents. Need to do this to gain support from residents.
  3. Address needs of Indigenous people – social justice, income, housing and adaptation.
  4. Oppose the expansion of Portland’s gas plant and take steps to shut it down. Ford is pushing expansion. There is a province-wide campaign against gas plants and the installation of new gas lines in communities. SCAN! is a member.