SCAN! Campaign – No Canadian Badges for Fossil Fuels at COP29 

Canada gives credentials (badges) to executives of fossil fuel companies allowing them full access to the COP negotiations. This has to stop.

Inspired by Alienor Rougeot of Environmental Defence, who spoke at our May 30 webinar on COP29, some Ottawa SCAN! members took the initiative of designing a postcard campaign focused on pressuring the Canadian Government to deny fossil fuel industry executives accreditation as representatives of Canada at COP29 (Conference of the Parties). See the backgrounder below.

The presence of fossil fuel interests at COPs has been undermining the integrity of the global negotiation process for effective solutions to climate change and their numbers have increased dramatically.

We have one month to pressure the Canadian government to deny Canadian Credentials to fossil fuel company executives. The government allocates credentials in August. The cards have to be in by the end of July. 

So we have to move fast. 

SCAN! is printing 2000 postcards addressed to Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault that call for him to stop allocating national delegate badges to fossil fuel interests. No stamp is required.

Please distribute the cards far and wide. Get them to friends and family. All they have to do is sign the card and drop it in the mail. Again, no postage is required. 

Distribute them at tabling events, farmers markets, parks, and other venues where there are large numbers of people. If you get signatures, you can drop the cards in the post yourself.

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If your organization would like to distribute the SCAN! postcard, please click HERE to email us.