Governments across Canada must ensure energy regulators remain independent to protect the interests of gas customers against the monopolistic power of gas utilities. This independence also protects energy regulators from regulatory capture – the danger that these agencies become dominated by the industries they regulate and make decisions that benefit these industries, not the public. Bill 165, the Keeping Energy Costs Down Act, gives new powers to the Ford government, threatens the independence of Ontario’s energy regulator and makes energy regulation more vulnerable to lobbying by powerful private interests.

The bill also threatens to lock in more greenhouse gas emissions for decades, increase air pollution and stick natural gas customers with higher bills and unused infrastructure worth billions of dollars. 

On May 15, Policy Options published an article written by SCAN! member Norm Park titledOntario’s Keeping Energy Costs Down Act Will Do the Exact Opposite.” The Policy Options article can be found here.


Dr. Norm Park is Chair of the Education Committee of SCAN! and Professor Emeritus, Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Health, York University.