Read Robert Hicks’s criticism of Bill 165 in his letter published by The Hamilton Spectator on May 4, 2024.


Time is a precious resource that can be used wisely or squandered. We have a small amount of it remaining on the climate calendar to make a positive impact by reducing emissions. How we use the next few years will determine the degree of climate stability today’s young people will inherit.


Unfortunately, Bill 165, the Keeping Energy Costs Down Act, indicates our provincial government does not understand the importance of time and that Bill 165 will squander it. They must not wilfully ignore the damage delaying the energy transition will cause.


On April 29, the City of Peterborough joined with other Ontario communities and voted to support the Ontario Energy Board decision to end free gas pipelines for new subdivisions saying, “It’s now the clean-energy world.” This was yet another vote saying Bill 165 should not pass as written.


The parliamentary calendar at Queen’s Park is a climate calendar. The date of the third reading of Bill 165 should be marked as a losing day for the future of the young.