SCAN! began a discussion on war, climate and militarism in November 2023, continuing with a discussion at a General Membership meeting in January 2024, and a special meeting in February to specifically discuss the pros and cons of SCAN!’s calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine war.

At the February 28, 2024, General Membership Meeting, the following two motions were passed:

We recognized that:

We cannot solve the climate crisis if we are at war with each other. Climate breakdown creates conditions for war and war and militarization, intensifying Greenhouse Gas emissions and environmental destruction. Military expenses grew globally to $2.1 trillion in 2023, feeding the expansion of fossil fuel use and global competition for oil resources. Canada has a responsibility to the world to advocate for climate action and for peace.

To that end, a SCAN! committee will research the relation between war, climate and militarism. It will propose policies and measures that SCAN! can take to promote these views within the context of our call for emergency climate action.

See the full resolution HERE

The second motion concerned the war in Gaza.

SCAN! adopted a motion to call for an unconditional immediate ceasefire in Gaza; and for the government of Canada to uphold the International Court of Justice ruling, end all military support to Israel, and restore funding to UNRWA.  SCAN! calls for the Canadian government to take immediate action.

See the full resolution HERE