Already 27 Ontario municipalities have passed resolutions calling for a phase-out of gas-fired power plants and more than 60 organizations, including SCAN!, have endorsed the call for the phase-out by 2030.

Instead of winding down fossil-fuel generated electricity in Ontario, the Ford government wants to increase the use of gas-fired power plants as part of its program to replace aging nuclear power plants. According to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), the greenhouse gas pollution from gas-fired power plants will grow by more than 300 percent by 2025 and by more than 400 percent by 2040.

SCAN! participated in the feedback process to the IESO’s request for their Gas Phase-Out Impact Assessment.

Read the submission here.


There is an opportunity for individuals to support the calls for a phase-out by 2030.
The IESO has launched a public engagement process on how Ontario can reduce its greenhouse gas pollution by phasing out its gas-fired plants.

There are two campaigns that call for action within this process. You can sign up through these groups: