SCAN! members put on the Climate Cook-off at Toronto’s Christie Gardens seniors residence, with 50-odd seniors in attendance. The skit was followed by a discussion led by co-chair Nick De Carlo. Here are some of the attendees’ comments:

We need to educate young people

Most science teachers don’t know about ecology.  They are frustrated by
what they are not equipped to do

We need to get the curriculum in schools changed to include ecology

We need to get to, and pressure, the Science Departments and the School

We can well afford to solve this problem. 

We CAN’T afford not to!

We should encourage young people to participate in civil society within the
system and parties.

I have been in the Arctic and the rate of warming and ice melt would scare
you to death

My grandchildren held a discussion which invited politicians and challenged
them on these issues.

We should consider direct action.

Many thanks to Jane Adams for welcoming participants, taking the names of those who wanted more information, and taking notes, videos and photos.